Are you in need of a Web Hosting service?

There are many reasons that people have websites, some of the main reasons are as a way of getting products or services to a bigger audience or to provide information to people about a specific subject area, also people use their websites as a way of providing entertainment to people.

What ever you want to set up a website for the one thing that you will need no matter what is web hosting so thankfully for you there are numerous companies who can offer you this service but just what is web hosting? It is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more of your websites.

IX Web Hosting has been a staple in the industry for almost a decade. Despite fierce competition, this company has managed to remain at the top, currently hosting an estimated 350,000 sites throughout the globe. Their namesake was built on providing excellent support and a quality service that has resulted in great performance and high level of customer satisfaction.

IX Web Hosting Review

IX Web hosting is one of the top 10 hosting companies in us, in terms of size. According to third party estimates, they host over 494,000 domains. They own over 1% of US market share. They also have a sister concern named hostexcellence, which offers packages similar to ix web hosting.

With plans starting from $3.95 per month, they offer excellent value for money. Available in both Linux and Windows hosting, IX Web Hosting is a good choice for hobby, entertainment sites and small business web sites.

IX Web Hosting Performance Review

IX Web hosting offers reasonably good performance. We are actually hosted with IX Web hosting from 2006. The performance has been a bit unsteady, but we never really had a major downtime.
We have been monitoring our site hosted with IX, using a third party service provider.

IX Web Hosting Support Review
IX Web offer toll free(US only) 24/7 support lines, support chat and support tickets. Toll free lines could have waiting time of up to 30 mts., which is not really that bad. They do reply to support tickets in time as well. Even though the support is fast, there has been reports that the support technicians are sometimes not very competitive. Probably this is not the case always, but there are reports of support tickets not giving the exact information requested. We must add, these kind of things happens for almost every host and sometimes only the bad things get reported.

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